Aerospace engineer

I am a french engineer working at GAMA, Paris. I specialize in satellite systems and hope to get involved in aerospace cybersecurity. My current position is GNC team leader, working on controlling the deployment and pointing of large-scale structureless solar sails in deep space. I value and strive for versatility, proactivity and collaboration.


2021 - now : GNC (Guidance, Navigation and Control) team leader at GAMA (Paris, France).

2019 : Semester abroad at NTUST University in Taipei, Taiwan.

2016 - 2020 : Creation and involvment in the IPSA ONE association. Onboard Computer team leader.

2015 - 2021 : Aerospace engineering MsC from Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées
(IPSA, Ivry sur Seine). Specialization in space and launcher systems.

2008 – 2015 : Secondary studies and obtainment of a scientific baccalaureate with honours
(European option)


Languages : French native, English bilingual (990 TOEIC, Cambridge CAE diploma), Spanish basics.

Programming languages : C, C++, Rust, Assembly basics (for SAM, AVR and x86), R, Python 3, Web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ES6, PHP, SQL, NodeJS, VueJS and more), Bash, Vim, FPGA basics (Xilinx), Version control (Git, GitHub).

Operating systems : Linux (distributions based on Debian), Windows 10/11. Linux server administration, active directory basics, advanced networking.

Security : Network penetration testing, Web application testing, Binary reverse engineering (Ghidra, Cutter), Social engineering basics.

Office software : Microsoft Office and LibreOffice suites, Presentations with Prezi & Eagle.Js, Image edition basics (Gimp, Photoshop), Video editing basics (Lightworks, DaVinci Resolve), Project management (OpenProject, Trello, MS Project), LaTeX.

Conception : Dassault CATIA, SolidWorks, FreeCAD, BLENDER, Google SketchUp, 3D printing, KiCad, Altium Designer, WebFlow, Godot.

Physics & simulation : Fluid dynamics, Flight mechanics, Electromagnetism, Telecommunication & wave physics, Automatics, Thermodynamics, Material science. MATLAB, Maple, Simulink, PSpice, ANSYS, COMSOL.

Others : BIA (Brevet d’Initiation Aéronautique) with honours, DR400 pilot (more than 70 flight hours), extensive team management experience.


4-months internship at Ecole Polytechnique (Student Space Center)
Design of on-board computer software and test-bench for the IonSat platform
Gave classes for the students and helped manage the project
Team leader for HackASat Cybersecurity Challenge 2020, May 2020, ranked 59 / 1278
14 members from SGAC Space & Cybersecurity project group
Leader of the Design and Development team for IPSA ONE’s on-board software
Lead developer of ANNA (IPSA ONE’s team management intranet)
Active member of the Telecommunications team for two years.
Winner of the competition by Royal Aeronautical Society : ‘Best Presentation Award’ and 3rd place of the projects competition by Wiener Neustadt university (Austria) for IPSA ONE, May 2018.
Internship in European Space Agency’s (ESA) technical centre : ESTEC in July-August 2018 to test a range of environmental sensors in plasma in partnership with LPC2E laboratory.
Creation of IPSA ONE association : conception, and exploitation of nano-satellites (CubeSats) within IPSA in November 2016.
Act’In Space Hackathon by CNES with HEAR project, high-reliability UAV plane for sensitive airspace monitoring, May 2016.
Internship then fixed-term contract at MALOU Tech (8 weeks during the 2016 summer), conception of multirotor drones for specific missions (emergencies, fire prevention, malicious drones interception)
Involvement in ODYSSEUS competition in Toulouse’s City of Space, with ADONIS project, in-orbit energy harvest using a solar panels constellation, second French-speaking place in February 2016.
Fixed-term contract at SPMA (8 weeks during 2015 summer), manufacturing of very-high precision aeronautical mechanical parts for Dassault, Airbus et Boeing notably.
Internship at AltaProfits (4 weeks during 2014 summer), setup of a monitoring structure of a server parc delivering an online insurance platform. Report is available on GitHub !

     Side projects

I have been programming in many languages since I was a child. I like challenges (CodinGame, Advent of Code), team projects and open-source (I am part of ANISE development team, aiming to be the successor of NASA SPICE), and discovering new languages and approaches (I am currently trying to learn functional programming and formal methods for critical software). 

Programming has led me to realize how little did I know about computer security. Most of our precious goods are locked in digital format or with some kind of lock that, in many cases, can be bypassed. I have since tried to understand how things are protected and how these protections can be bypassed, in order to better secure myself and help people secure themselves. The toolbox of security tips and tricks are also very applicable to my work and other hobbies ! I have been learning cryptography, lock picking, web & network penetration testing and software reverse engineering.

I had the chance of learning to fly on a Robin DR400 for more than 70 flight hours. I love flying, do a lot of flight simulation (FS2020 with TrackIR on VATSIM) , through which I strive to understand and master airliners systems in the most realistic simulation possible. I wish to get back to flying in real-life in the near future when the conditions are right. In the meantime, I like going to airshows and doing plane spotting.

Very close to embedded programming, I enjoy electronics projects (PCB design & soldering), even though I am not too experienced yet. I also own an SDR (Software-Defined Radio), and have been working to get the radio-amateur diploma, to learn and get experience with the field of radio communications. Most notably,  I am currently building a RC plane drone (2 meters wingspan) to apply and challenge my knowledge of flight dynamics, embedded programming, electronics and radio.

In my life, video games have been very present. I have used them as a way of socializing when I was younger, and am still playing video games today for entertainment. I also play video games competitively (currently ranked Champion in the game Rocket League), having participated in multiple online and in-person competitions (LAN events). I also like building games, having ongoing game development projects with the open-source game engine Godot.

When I was a child, I have been playing piano. I played for 10 years (mainly classical music) in my hometown music school, then took a long break for upper studies. In 2021, I have been getting back to playing piano with the objective of being fluid at sightreading (playing while reading a partition) and learning songs from pop culture (films, anime, recent songs).


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